Imagine: You were just injured in an auto accident. You might have to endure months or years of trials and legal procedures before the insurance company will cover your expenses and reimburse you.

But about the financial needs you already have? Medical care, vehicle repairs, bills and other financial burdens that an accident brings. Pre-settlement funding will help you obtain some part of the insurance compensation immediately, without waiting for a court decision. 

The process itself is simple: We recommend to you the proffesionals and specialists who will work their hardest to ensure the maximum reimbursement in the shortest possible time. Afterwards, when the insurance company has compensated you for the damages, you just return the amount paid to you in advance with a small commission. 


Just leave a request at 855LEGAL4U! We will promptly review your case and respond with an offer of instant reimbursement within 24 hours!.

The amount of advance payment depends on the conditions of the accident, the severity of the injuries received, the type of insurance involved as well as other factors. Based on these factors, we will pay between $500 and $50,000.


In most cases, our clients receive anywhere from $500 to $50,000. However, the final sum is dependent on a number of factors such as the conditions of the accident, the severity of the injuries received, the type of insurance involved, among other things. To see how much you qualify for, simply leave a request. We will evaluate your situation and will get back to you with a proposal within a day.

No. All of the funding that our clients receive is non-recourse, which means it's NOT a loan. Our partners are buying a small part of your future reimbursement in exchange for immediate financial support.
We can recommend you seasoned lawyers, with years of practice and hundreds of cases under their belts. With their expertise and hard work, the chance that your case is resolved in your favor nears 100%, which means that the risk we incur is minimal and thus we can offer you a much more favorable interest.
In most cases, yes. However, some cases might require a longer processing time than others, or can be met with unforeseen complications. In either case, our agents will promptly notify you with the status of your case within 24 hours.
Absolutely! Pre-settlement financing requires the signature of a licensed attorney and verification of all documents provided by the insurance company.

The benefits of working with us

Low interest, starting at 10%

Being involved in an accident is bad enough, but it could be much worse if 1/3rd of the insurance payment goes to pay off the pre-settlement compensation. Our commission is guaranteed not to exceed the agreed upon N%.

Quick evaluation of the case and financing within 24 hours

While many companies in Florida may offer "fast financing", the reality might be that their "fast" is your "month". Time is of the essence in situations such as these, and you can't afford to lose days or weeks waiting for financial assistance. We can guarantee you tangible funding within 24 hours.

Full legal support

As we mentioned in the FAQ, without the signature of your lawyer, pre-financing is impossible. The lawyers reccommended by our agents specialize specifically in car insurance cases; they have won hundreds of cases, and are well versed in the specific rules and regulations that are present when dealing with insurance companies. It's worth noting that the American Bar Association does not recommend that lawyers sign pre-financing documents, as these agreements usually come with a very high interest rate. Seeing as our low, fixed interest starts at 10%, that's not a problem for the phoenominal lawyers that we have the pleasure of working with.